BWATC adds six, 35-foot Gillig CNG buses to the fleet


The Blue Water Area Transportation Commission (BWATC) has added six, 35-foot Gillig Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses to its fleet. The Gilligs are known for their reliability and passenger comfort.

“These CNG-powered buses are replacing buses that are aging out of our existing fleet of CNG buses. They allow us to continue providing state-of-the-art public transit service,” said Dave McElroy, BWATC’s General Manager. “Pursuing innovative technology has been a priority of the Commission for decades,” he added.

BWATC is grateful to the Federal Transit Administration for $2.86 million and the Michigan Department of Transportation’s Office of Public Transportation for $600 thousand in grants totaling $3,460,000 to purchase these American-made buses.

“Blue Water Area Transit has taken a leadership role in securing Federal and State funding to provide the residents of St. Clair County a state-of-the-art transportation system. The addition of the new Gillig CNG buses to our fleet reflects our mission of quality transportation services to our residents – Public Transportation is for All to use and enjoy. We at Blue Water Transit are proud to serve the residents of St. Clair County,” said Linda Bruckner, BWATC Commissioner Board Chairperson.

BWATC Commissioner Anita Ashford added, “We are committed and dedicated to continuing services to our customers that provide the best quality in public transportation. The Gilling buses are proof-positive that Blue Water Transit is providing the best.”

The Gillig CNG bus is a combination of the latest CNG technology and Gillig’s well-known reliability, safety and efficiency. The proven design of the Gillig CNG bus recorded the highest reliability and the best fuel economy of any CNG bus tested at the Altoona Bus Research and Testing Center. BWATC’s Gillig buses feature the low-floor technology for ease of boarding that BWATC passengers have come to enjoy and expect.

Additionally, the Gilligs all feature Q’Straint’s Quantum mobility device securement system. QUANTUM is the only system in the world that gives complete independence to mobility passengers, enabling them to secure themselves in less than 25 seconds with the simple push of a button – and with minimal driver assistance.

BWATC has a total of 8 Gillig CNG buses in its fleet of 80 operating buses. Gillig is a California company.