December Celebrations and Traditions

From St. Nicholas Day on the 6th to New Year’s Eve on the 31st, December offers a month full of traditional, cultural, and religious holidays. Around the world, people can be seen gathering with loved ones, singing, feasting, dancing, making resolutions and telling tales of the “olden days”.

Whether surrounded by friends and family, or by oneself, the month of December provides special days to reflect and give thanks for our blessings (both large and small) and honor those who have sacrificed to provide us such blessings.

To our patrons, friends, family and fellow transit workers:

We sincerely hope that whatever you celebrate this wonderous season, you are at peace. Stay safe – and stay merry!


Please enjoy this compilation of weblinks; each may lead you to a greater knowledge of the vast December holidays across the globe.

  1. St. Nicholas Day : (12/6/20)
  2.  Immaculate Conception of Mary: (12/8/20)
  3.  Bodhi Day: (12/8/20)
  4.  Hanukkah: (Begins 12/10/20)
  5.  Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe: (12/12/20)
  6.  St. Lucia’s Day: (12/13/20)
  7.  Las Posadas: (Begins 12/16/20)
  8.  Winter Solstice: (12/21/20)
  9.  Christmas: (12/25/20)
  10.  Kwanzaa: (Begins 12/26/20)
  11.  Zartosht No- Diso: (12/26/20)
  12. St. Stephen’s Day: (12/26/20)
  13. “Boxing Day”: (12/26/20)
  14.  Feast of the Holy Family: (12/27/20)
  15.  Feast of the Holy Innocents: (12/28/20)
  16.  Omisoka: (12/31/20)
  17.  New Years Eve: (12/31/20)