M29 North & South

M-29 North from 23 Mile & Gratiot

Service ONLY Monday thru Friday (NO weekend service)

Location of Bus Stops Time A.M. Departure Time P.M. Departure
23 Mile & Gratiot Ave 8:10 AM 5:50 PM
Henry Ford Hospital 8:20 AM 6:00 PM
Harbor Oaks Hospital 8:25 AM 6:05 PM
Anchorville Mobile Home Park 8:35 AM 6:15 PM
Fifth Third Bank, Ira Township 8:40 AM 6:20 PM
St. Johns Marsh, Pearl Beach 8:45 AM 6:25 PM
Kroger Store, Clay Township 8:50 AM 6:30 PM
Algonac - North of Canada Ferry 8:55 AM 6:35 PM
Algonac State Park, South Entrance 9:00 AM 6:40 PM
(M29 to Chartier Rd, River Av, Bridge St, Water St) ------ ------
Water Street, Marine City 9:10 AM 6:50 PM
Front Entrance, St. John Hospital 9:20 AM 7:00 PM
Jay St., St. Clair, River Side 9:25 AM 7:05 PM
M-29 & Wills, Marysville 9:30 AM 7:10 PM
M-29 & Huron, Marysville 9:33 AM 7:15 PM
28th Street & North Blvd., Port Huron 9:35 AM Arrives 7:20 PM Arrives

M-29 South From Port Huron

Monday thru Friday
Location of Bus Stops Time A.M. Departure Time P.M. Departure
Lapeer Ave @ 20th Street 7:10 AM 4:10 PM
28th Street & North Blvd 7:20 AM 4:20 PM
M-29 & Huron, Marysville 7:25 AM 4:25 PM
M-29 & Wills, Marysville 7:35 AM 4:35 PM
Jay Street, City of St.Clair 7:45 AM 4:45 PM
Front Entrance, St. John Hospital 7:50 AM 4:50 PM
Water Street, Marine City 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
(Water St, Bridge St, River Ave, Chartier Rd back on M-29) ------ ------
Algonac State Park, South Entrance 8:10 AM 5:10 PM
CVS Store, City of Algonac 8:20 AM 5:20 PM
Kroger Store, Clay Township 8:25 AM 5:25 PM
St. John Marsh, Pearl Beach 8:30 AM 5:30 PM
Fifth Third Bank, Ira Township 8:35 AM 5:35 PM
Anchorville Mobile Home Park 8:45 AM 5:45 PM
Washington Street, New Baltimore 8:50 AM 5:50 PM
Harbor Oaks Hospital 8:55 AM 5:55 PM
Henry Ford Hospital 9:00 AM 6:00 PM
23 Mile Road & Gratiot Ave 9:05AM Arrive 6:05 PM Arrive
Returns as 94 Express North 9:10AM Depart 6:15 PM Depart

Blue Water Transit Fares  (to get to/from 23 Mile Road & Gratiot)  Effective January, 2017

For bus schedule, click here for I-94 Express Route or click here for M-29 Route

Tickets or exact fares are required.*  Please have your change/ticket ready when you board the bus and place it in the fare box.

Regular Bus Fare – 80 cents
Children (6 to 17) – 65 cents
Children (5 and under accompanied by adult) – Free
Senior Citizens (60 & up) and persons with valid Medicare cards – 40 cents
Handicapped – 40 cents
Shopper Shuttle – Same as above

All fares are subject to change

For more information on the Blue Water Transit Commuter Route, or to let Dispatch know you will be riding, please call 810-987-7373.

*Drivers cannot make change.  However, passengers can use a dollar for an adult fare or three quarters for a children’s fare, etc.

Then, use your Blue Water transfer to ride up to two SMART fixed route buses –  it’s valid for your ride on Route 560,* then on one other bus.


SMART Connector Fares

Regular Fare – $2.00, Seniors/Disabled – $1.00

SMART does not accept Blue Water Area tickets or GAP passes on any service.


*ROUTE 560:  SMART Route 560 provides fixed route transit service to a variety of destinations. Ride east (outbound) along 23 Mile Road to New Baltimore or St. Joseph Medical Center. Ride south (inbound) to Mt. Clemens, Macomb Mall, Roseville, Eastpointe or Detroit.

Route 560 runs seven days a week, early morning until late night. Service intervals vary by time of day. Call (866) 962-5515 or visit www.smartbus.org for specifics.

SMART Fixed-Route Fares:
Regular Fare – $2.00
Ages 6-18 – $1.00
Seniors/Disabled  50 cents
Purchase a transfer for 25 cents
Transfers are valid on other SMART buses and on Blue Water buses.

SMART Connector buses which serve north Macomb County do not accept Blue Water transfers. To ride these services, pay the regular SMART fare. SMART offers curb-to-curb Connector service in Macomb County north of M-59. Travel between any two locations in north Macomb by reserving up to two days in advance (up to six days for medical appointments). Call (866) 962-5515 for information and reservations.

For information on all SMART services, call (866) 962-5515 or visit www.smartbus.org.