Leaves Downtown Transit Center Leaves 28th & N. Blvd
6:15 AM m6:35 AM
7:00 AM m7:20 AM
7:45s AM m8:05s AM
8:30 AM m8:50 AM
9:15s AM 9:35s AM
10:00 AM m10:20 AM
10:45s AM m11:05s AM
11:30 AM m11:50 AM
12:15s PM m12:35s PM
1:00 PM m1:20 PM
1:45s PM m2:05s PM
2:30 PM m2:50 PM
3:15s PM m3:35s PM
4:00 PM m4:20 PM
4:45s PM 5:05s PM
5:30 PM 5:50 PM
6:15s PM 6:35s PM
--- ---
7:45s PM 8:05s PM
--- ---
9:15s PM 9:35s PM
--- ---
10:45s PM 11:05 PM
--- ---

Bold numbers represent PM times
Times that include an ‘S‘ represent Saturday bus times
Times that include an “M” represent bus connection with Marysville

Points of Interest

  • Downtown Port Huron
  • Mueller Brass, Big Lots
  • Port Huron Industrial Park
  • Health Department
  • North Blvd & 28th
    connecting with Marysville
    (Mon. Wed. & Fri only)
  • City Building
  • Court House
  • S.C.C.C.C.